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Biology Assessment Protocol

Mrs. Suzanne Fitzsimmons 2013-2014

As individual as your child is, so are the ways in which he/she learns. Because he/she learns by various methods, it is essential to your child's achievement to offer him/her different avenues by which to reach success.

Grades are determined from the following:

1 Quizzes

Six to eight are given each quarter. Students are responsible for daily material and are encouraged to take good notes and develop good study habits and listening skills.

2 Tests

Four to five tests are given each quarter on content understanding and application abilities, with essay writing an integral part of the testing process.

3 Laboratories

Six to seven are completed each quarter with emphasis on a deeper understanding of content material. Biology should be experimental, that is experienced in the field, by a pond, on a mountainside, etc. The "lab bench" is the closest environment we can offer students for a direct "hands-on" approach. Students must use writing skills to compile lab reports with emphasis on data analysis and interpretation, and their organizational skills to compile lab portfolios. Computer literacy and integration are essential for success in the present-day biology lab. Students are required to computer generate data and graphs. Each student has received and signed a laboratory safety contract.

4 Projects

One to two are offered each quarter with an emphasis on employment of the scientific method, research skills, creativity, and with the use of reflection as a result of the learning process and an integral part of Ignation pedagogy.

A final quarter average is calculated from the total points accumulated throughout the quarter.

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